Monday, 31 July 2017

Candy Bridesmaid

 Have you seen Kenza Zouiten's wedding pics?! She was sooo cute! The whole wedding was, from what I've been able to see from other bloggers' pics! She didn't post much to keep the ceremony intimate, I guess.. but yet what she showed us was just as good as we all expected from such a classy woman like her! I was looking forward to see the braidmaides dresses cause it's always my favourite part at weddings, plus she said a while ago that it had been hard to choose and I was just so curious.. I haven't seen them yet but I got inspired to have a look around and of course I found some great sexy braidmaides dresses that I would see 100% as the cherry on top at a wedding like Kenza's.
My favs colours at the moment are pink, purple and all their shades so these are the colours of most of the dresses I collected from newarrivaldress and here's explained the title of the post as well 😂
An other thing that I found pretty interesting and definitely unexpected is the price of braidmaides dresses.. I had the solid idea that they were (and had to be) almost as expensive as the actual bride dress.. but I got pleasantly surprised to discover that there are actually cute and cheap bridesmaid dresses out there.. not that I'm planning on getting married anytime soon but in all of us there's a bit of that childish dream of one day getting married in a white princess-like dress in a beautiful location with every little detail as perfect as possible!