Monday, 1 November 2021

 Hi everyone, today I'm telling you about my most recent discovery in terms of online shopping, and believe me it's a must! The website's called and you can literally find everything you need here to look beautiful and  in perfect shape! Got the hint? Shapellx is a shape wear website and there’s literally something for everyone, from size 0 to XXL, high waist, low waist, short, long, to hug your figure, to squeeze your weak points etc etc. Let’s scroll into it together!

My favourite style to shop on the website, though, is the comfortable but functional pieces, that types of shapewear that really suck you in. Plus I just started  going back to the gym, and I want those results to really be noticed by anyone! I found so many waist trainer for women to add to my collection! Now I'm waaay more motivated to go back on track! There's something for every colour, every shape, length, use and price range.. to give you an idea of what you can find on the website I'll sure add some pieces and their link to buy below.

But there's still one more thing about this category that reaaally needs to be mentioned! The waist trainers and all of the shape wear are really thought for every type of person and every type of human body, it will not be a problem at all to find waist and thigh trainer plus size and to have also a great and wide selection to choose from, not like those websites that have every beautiful type of clothing in zero size and that only has a tiny selection for plus size women. You will really find what you are looking for here!

Plus,  if you don’t really know how to use a waist trainers and what are the waist trainer benefits follow the link to learn more about it, and scroll to Shapellx with way more knowledge to find the perfect product for yourself and for your needs! 

So as promised here's some of my favourtie pieces, what's yours? 

NeoSweat® Double Power Waist Trainer

NeoSweat® 3-In-1 Thermo Active Fat Burner with Arm Trimmers

CoreSculpt™ Hourglass Full Body Shaper

Tuesday, 27 April 2021


Today I am here to talk about a new platform I really have to share, it isn't my usual fashion content but I  just could not miss sharing about this amazing website called SPOTO . Maybe some of you know about it already but if you don't let me describe what it is about in a few words. 

It is a platform that provides an excellent certification training, it was founded in 2003 and therefore have over 18 years of experience. They cover certification training in many different areas such as Cisco, CCNA, CCNP exam dumps, the best PMP examp prep , CISA, CISM, AWS, Palo Alto and so many other fields, I'd really suggest you to go have a look and check for yourself, you will most likely find the type of certification training you're looking for, I'm just listing some of them to give you an idea. 

They have an outstanding record of individuals helped to achieve their goal, giving them the possibility to become IT employees for over 500 companies with the best type of preparation possible. 

For example if you wanna take a PMP exam, you can log in and get your set and you will know straight away how long does it take to get pmp certification, how much effort it is required to get where you wanna get and in just as little time as possible you'll get the best PMP preparation, just ready to take your PMP exam online, try it and be sure to become the IT employee you didn't think you could be and you will just take more and more classes trusting only the very best platform to do so, which is SPOTO 

In Spoto they have the most prepared team to help you achieve your goals, you will never feel left alone and you will be followed step by step just to be absolutely sure to have a professional and serious service. You will pass your exam on the first try, 100% guaranteed. And if there's any kind of technical problem that you don't know how to solve don't worry, they provide a 7/24 online technical support to help you if doubts. Convinced yet? I'm sure that if you still had any doubt to become the IT specialist you wanted to be now it's the right time to start. 

Friday, 20 November 2020


One more order from femmeluxe is in!!  Yay I'm so excited about this one I only bought things that I already love so so much, I got some staples that I had already kind of owned in the past maybe in different colors or little model-variations and everything fits so so perfectly! I also got one of the items I already owned in an other size cause you know with a different fit is a different outfit! And I loved this one so much that I really couldn't risk to not find it anymore when I would have looked for it in the future. Last time I told you how much I wanted some bodysuits and that I only had to pick my favourites to build up my essentials wardrobe among the wide selection I had already studied.. but guess what.. I ended up getting distracted again and didn't order any in the end, in my defense I got some warmer pieces to get that cozy winter layers look and comfort I was trying to achieve with the bodysuits and I'm so excited to show you. So the first thing I was indecisive about was if to  go for a co-ord set or to give in to what I had my eyes on for a while and get this edgy but romantic Corset-dress and well, in the end I kept my vision stright to what I was sure I would get the most use out of, so I went for the set. I already showed you this one in my last haul in jade/emerald green and this time I got it in black. The reason why I went for this trousers- crop top set again is because I found out that I can wear it in so many ways and most of all I can either dress it up or dress it down just by switching some details, which is so convenient, plus it is like owning so many different outfits when it's actually just trousers and a top that you can combine in many alternatives. I love to wear it with a white shirt underneath. I got my white shirt in the first femmeluxe Haul, you can check it going back, and also it is still available in the shop so run to get it! And well it looks so so classy and elegant but being one of the comfiest combinations ever, the trousers are in a stretchy material, and its also flare so super super cozy. I think that the combination of just the top and a pair of jeans or shorts will also be my absolute go-to in the spring or summer cause the top is of course a bit light for this season to be worn alone. That's also the reason why I got my second piece of choice, also this won won the debate against the Corset-dress. It is a beautiful oversized jacket that can literally go on everything and keeps you super warm, i also order a pair of trousers to go with it cause the colours were just perfectly mathcing. It's joggers actaully cause you know we're all about the comfort and yes, I just feel I'd wear this as my uniform basically all winter. The last piece is an other co-ord, as I mentioned in the beginning I got a piece I already owned but in a different size cause the first one I order was for a more sleek tucked in kinda look, and actually it is a structured top and a skirt cause well.. you can say that by the look it's a Corset-dress ahah I got in the end! But yeah, it's the zipper top and the black tube skirt and the smaller size, which was an 8 by the way was really really thight, which is not bad, it still fitted like a glove, but you know having an option that still looks super cute and gives you a little extra room is just nice as well for a little bit more chilled situations, when you wanna look just as good as you would with a tighter fit but giving yourself the option of a couple glasses of wine an some pizza! Let's cut the talking now, here's the pics of all of my pieces in the haul, which one's your favourite? Should I finally attack the bodysuits next time? 

Grey Fleece Front Pocket Joggers - Elina

Black Crop Ribbed Two Piece Co-ord Set - Suzi

Black Crop Ribbed Two Piece Co-ord Set - Suzi

Sage Check Print Oversized Button Up Pocket Shacket - Isabella

Sage Check Print Oversized Button Up Pocket Shacket - Isabella

Black Zip Up Ribbed Skirt Co-ord - Tinley

Black Zip Up Ribbed Skirt Co-ord - Tinley

Tuesday, 10 November 2020


 Did you really think that my FemmeLuxe obsession whould stop after 11 hauls? I guess you were wrong! It was just a little stop cause you know, I had to wear what I got! But here's a whole new order in the mail this morning and I'm already here to show you what I got. I only got three pieces this time, I had also ordered one more piece but it was out of stock, so it's a little haul today but I'm still soooo excited abut everything I got. It all fits like a glove! Plus, if you remember my obsession with femmeluxefinery was at it bests during the summer months which eventually means that most of my wardrobe from them is actually quite summerish and it's November now, way over crop-top and spaghetti straps mini dresses now! It's time to go back to my loungewear essentials and that's exactly what I looked for the most in my first wintery haul. I am surely planning to order more, just testing my sizes and stuff after some time, but as I told you already everything was a success so I'm sure ready to get more in my cart! The first piece of clothing I got is a beautiful beautiful corset set, I was actaully planning on a gorgeous corset dress that was literally screaming my name but you know.. I decided to save the corset dress for next time cause the set was just as beautiful and more winter-friendly. It is longe sleeved and it has a super comfortable zip in the front so that you can zip it up or down according to the look and the level of warmth you wanna achive, plus if you just unzip it completely it's very cute as a cardigan as well. It would just look great by itself with a pair of jeans and well, check for yourself on the website for all the options about that as well. It would also be bomb with a pair of skinny leather jeans or with a pair of more classic trousers. By the way I got distracted, the top actually comes with a beautiful black mini skirt to create the set, I just love co-ords, they make you look so put together! So yeah, for the maximum aesthetic goal i'd suggest to wear them together, but all the jeanstrousers options are just to try as well! So, my  second choice is an other set, suprised? This time I went it all out with the colour and picked a beautiful trousers- crop top set in emerald green. I'll show the pictures for it like I will for the rest, but I have to admit the photo just doesn't take justice of the beautiful colour it is in real life, I will for sure try to take a picture in a natural brighter light and will show you soon in a next post. By the way the trousers in this case are flared and very very flattering, plus once again a beautiful set just make you look so dressed up even for just grocery shopping. One more item I was looking for is a bodysuit, winter came hard and early this year and it's already freezing so I'm just so into that extra layer of comfort and beauty that only a bodysuit can give you. I didn't pick one just yet cause I was too indecisive and I guess I wanted to be really sure with my choices just thinking about which one I like the best a little longer, but I guess I made up my mind now and you will soon see what I'm about to order! Third and last piece I got this time is once more a pair of trousers, or tracksuit/joggers to be precise. It is fleece inside and believe me on this, I've never tried anything warmer nor softer, I am gonna buy all and every colour on the website, and well there's something like every shade of the rainbow and more among the options so  guess it's gonna be an intense shopping! It's the perfect lenght and it's not too bulky on even if it is double lined inside with extra warmth. But let's cut the talking and let's see all of the pieces I got worn! All of the pieces will be linked under the pictures, so be sure to check them out! 


Monday, 2 November 2020

All about suits

Feeling beautiful, good, confident etc is something you can get everyday from your daily life. But feeling like a princess, a proper beauty queen in a wide skirt made of fluff and tulle, shiny reflections and your hair curled and tied up with roses is something you can only dream for the day of your life when you are the absolute protagonist.. which is of course the wedding! Also this time I want to talk about male fashion. If we want to feel like princesses for ourr special days so would men! So my selection today comes from  from allaboutsuit and well, as you might get from the name of the all about suts!  Everyone seems to get married and attend lush gatherings with flowers, sun and happiness in the last months and pictures of beautiful suits for grooms are all over the web. I'm so inspired by what I found scrolling through the website, from the latest collection with new colors and interesting details that I have to show you some wedding suits! Being young doesn't mean not caring about something that won't happen soon.. And there's literally options for anyone, no matter age, budget or size, just to give examples of categories I will attach some pictures below. There really is for every taste and wallet.. The ones I picked are all very elegant and classic cause well.. that's my genre and what I usually go for in terms of style.. but of course if you're looking for something more fun or in a different shade all of your wishes will be realized after a scroll on the website. In other words if you're looking for a unique prom suits or any other suit for a soecial occasion  you know where to go! And right now on the website there are so many new items, there was already a great selection but if there's a moment to get the chance at it's best it is now, happy shopping :)

Thursday, 24 September 2020


Hi everyone, today I'm telling you about my most recent discovery in terms of online shopping, and believe me it's a must! The website's called .hexinfashion and you can literally find everything you need here! It's more everyday kinda casual-look oriented, so wide wide choice on all "sunday afternoon" chill items like leggings, cozy loungewar, t-shirts and so on, but if you want to look for more "spice it up" kinda clothing, there sure a good selection on extra cute more "dressed up kinda vibe" dresses. If it's the second occasion you're looking for go get your fave cheap mini dress among their lovely selection in dresses, you sure won't be disappointed, or you can also give a look to skirts if you're up for some change. My favourite style to shop on the website, though, is the comfortable but elegant pieces. Plus I just started  going back to the gym after quarantine, and I found so many athletic crop tops to add to my collection! Now I'm waaay more motivated to go back on track! There's something for every colour, every shape, length, use and price range.. to give you an idea of what you can find on the website I'll sure add some pieces and their link to buy below, but there's still one more category that reaaally needs to be mentioned! I feel that the absolute most comfortable yet flattering and sexy piece of style on girls is a good and warm bodysuit for autumn/winter, and guess what? Here you can find pages and pages of cheap bodysuits to choose from. And they're not the basic white/nude/black kinda bodysuits, they're fancy and original and believe me, just scroll through the pages and your cart will be full! So as promised here's some of my favourtie pieces, what's yours?

Monday, 10 August 2020


 FEMME LUXE FINERY haul n.11! Wow, we're over 10 now! For this haul I went for the basics! I got blacks, whites and greys. Basically every piece I picked is different variations of things I already ordered cause really, the quality is just insane and I recently found out that my favourite T-shirts from femmeluxe are 100% cotton, and they are so hard to find nowadays, plus for 5 bucks?! crazy. And sooo.. I just got them all before they run out! I went for a large white one to use as a dress, especially cause next week I'll be on holiday and I'm just picturing how perfect and comfortable it'll be to just trow on on top of a swimsuit and be ready for the beach day. Then I picked a grey crop top to just use with denim skirts and shorts and the same for a black and white one! As I mentioned in my last post I'm planning to customize them and maybe order some joggers in my next order to pair together and create some nice sets! It's some orders now that I skip all my beloved loungewear sets and I already have my eyes on some cute new sets that I'm planning to order next :) Last time I went for all the most eccentric tops for nights-outs, and let me tell you I got so many compliments on all 4 of my picks that I just couldn't wait for my next order to be here and now I'm so ready to rock my new pieces and order more! But let's cut the words and here's some pictures of the haul for this round, what's your favorite?