Monday, 21 November 2016

November wishlist from stylewe

I mention my love for the colour orange almost in every post. I've already selected some orange pieces for a wishlist.. but it was a while ago and now I got some cool pieces in mind from stylewe. It's so overwhelming and quite creepy at the same time how much I can OBSESSED with a single colour!.. It's not even an usual colour to like.. how could you dislike something in orange?!
I usually got an orange coat and everybody says I look like a fireman, a carachter from orange is the new black or just a person with an annoiningly bright coat. I saw something VERY nice on this website as well (in terms of coats, I do understand that orange might be too much for some of you), have a look if you're looking to shop a long down coat. In case you would like to know more about the brand or just to be always updated with the latest trends and arrivals check their Pinterest feed and of course their instagram

Friday, 18 November 2016

That one dress in which you would feel like a princess before the wedding


Feeling beautiful, good, confident etc is something you can get everyday from your daily life. But feeling like a princess, a proper beauty queen in a wide skirt made of fluff and tulle, shiny reflections and your hair curled and tied up with roses is something you can only dream for the day of your life when you are the absolute protagonist.. which is not the wedding! (cause in that case you actually need to share the crown) yeah I'm speaking about first communions and first communion dresses. Being young doesn't mean not caring about what we are wearing or not having a personality in terms of taste. I still remember my 1st communion dress in its ivory/cream colour and roses embroideries and I do remember how good I felt in it. As a FD student I know the importance of "feeling what we are wearing" and I do really think that my first connection understanding what it meant to feel good thanks to what I was wearing comes from that day.



Friday, 11 November 2016


I know my last wishlist was about sunnies..but we can't pretend summer lasts forever.. so here's a selection of Fashion outwear and Trench coats I would definitely enjoy wearing now that it's getting chillier. I do never find the perfect coat.. length, colour, material.. I'm so fussy on coats and to find websites with so many cheap trench coats and women's outerwear is always a joy. I used to have a red coat that I loved..little red riding hood kinda vibe to let you get a visionary idea of it.. but when I moved out I left it to my sister and now I desperately want a new one. Outwear for women is always a delicate topic, cause when you wear a coat in winter it becomes your outfit.. since people won't really see what you're wearing underneath.. and of course we can't have as many coats as t-shirts to always wear a different one that's why we need to find the perfect one to always be stylish and confident. I do really like the green one from the first pic.. I think it's such an unusual colour and it would look cool with almost everything.. mm.. next purchase?

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

What I wore on Halloween

I know it's not a proper proper Halloween costume..especially for you American over there..who are used to big costumes and celebrations.. but we probably starting considering it a proper thing no more than 6/7 years ago.. give us time to get use to it! I actually didn't plan to get dressed up at all neither so I had nothing in mind.. but last minute my friends and I decided to go clubbing so I just did my makeup and based on that I created a character that I would define as a "common citizen of candyland" ahahah does it make sense to you? By the way these have been in my top three earrings for ages now (they're from Eat Da Rich in case you were wandering) and I paired them with my new pom pom hairband from momosagi, poured some stars and glitters on my cheek, bright lips and that was it. Nothing extreme nor hard to do but I kinda like the final result :) 


Saturday, 5 November 2016

How to brew the perfect tea

First of all sorry about the artificial lightning.. is something I don't like much in the pictures but this is the most spontaneous of the posts. Just me enjoying my tea and having a chat with you about my tips in brewing tea and sharing with you some of my favourites teas.
I've always been the kinda lazy person who get scared if tea isn't in a teabag all ready to go, but lately I tried this tea from LunaTeaCompany and I finally got the difference. First of all since you're dosing it yourself you can decide how strong to take it, how much water you want and calibrate the amount of tea based on that and of course deciding yourself exactly how you want it it will be so much better. An other thing to consider is that each tea has different brewing times.. so it might slightly more or less to actually blend perfectly.. of course it depends also on how hot the water is and how much it is. By the way I got all the information from here if you wanna know more. So the two teas I've been addicted to lately are " citrus dream" and "spice junkie" (read the ingredients below) and don't be tricked by the fact that they seemed full.. I managed to finish it in a ridiculous short time ahaha.
Plus this infuser is too cute and just so in line with the mystical and magical look of this teas!
And the mug from mugforyourhome just describes itself (and me) too well to actually need more words :) 

Thursday, 3 November 2016


Is wishlist time again! I've never done a "sunglasses wishlist" but even if it's almost winter I think it's always the good moment to invest in some sunnies. They keep you stylish and at least protect you from those rare rays of sun (which are a proper rarity, at least for the Milan kinda winter)  This selection is from Apparel Candy which is one of the cheapest website I've ever can buy a pair of sunglasses for a couple dollars.. and other than trendy sunglasses you can find so many bits.. from clothing to accessories, cosmetics, shoes,bags..give it a try! Oh and I forgot to mention that it's a wholesale website as well.. so  if you're looking for that very best wholesale clothing website for your shopping you might have found it! And here there are some more pieces I selected as my "favourites" from the website :) 

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Rainy days and long coats from the 80s are my favourite combination. Let's just mention my new tshirt from sammydress and the total grey kinda vibe, with a touch of minimalism with my basic Zaful earrings and the largest (and most comfortable) bag I've ever owned. My grandma used to wear this coat back in her golden years and now it's regaining life 35 years later. Shapes and structures, it's all based on clean lines and sharp cut! 

SOCKS_Happy socks
BAG_urban outfitters
SHOES_nike huarache