Thursday, 27 October 2016

Rainy days and long coats from the 80s are my favourite combination. Let's just mention my new tshirt from sammydress and the total grey kinda vibe, with a touch of minimalism with my basic Zaful earrings and the largest (and most comfortable) bag I've ever owned. My grandma used to wear this coat back in her golden years and now it's regaining life 35 years later. Shapes and structures, it's all based on clean lines and sharp cut! 

SOCKS_Happy socks
BAG_urban outfitters
SHOES_nike huarache

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Maxi Dresses


Hiya! Today I just want to show you a random selection of maxi dresses for women from a website called Runbuye, which one do you like the most?

Monday, 17 October 2016




One more chapter from the rubric of StyleWe. The theme of this one is suits. We all need to dress a little smarter sometimes.. even if in a fancier way some fashion tips are always useful. There's this little section on the website of this brand called lanxin where you can find all kinds of suits, from extremely classic and formal ones to funny and colourful ones. Suits, commonly speaking, is a synonymous of "work affair" which underrates the actual thing so much.. it's such a versatile piece of clothing.. just throw on the right accessories and a pair of flat shoes and every-day elegance is served!
If you want some extra ideas go have a look on their facebook as well.. Happy shopping!

Saturday, 15 October 2016

The everyday outfit

Uni life can be boring. Even studying the most beautiful and stimulant subject in the world.. which is fashion design.. spending 10 hours out of 13 in a day at uni is tiring.. and of course doesn't give you much space to experiment with your style and with bold outfits cause waking up at 7 in the morning the only thing you want is a giant coffee and a person who carries you around. In the end I always go for the nearest pair of jeans and a jumper (since it's 5 degrees in October). The only thing I spend a little bit of extra time on is my make up and accessories. How true is that the details make the difference? I've been loving this necklace so much lately.. it's from Boulder Studio and I just adore the semi-precious stones they have in stock with those gold (and in some cases silver) features.. I actually have some other little treasures to show you in the near future from them and I can't wait.. the stone of this one is a stalactite and the peculiarity  is that since are all natural stone each one is different from the others.. it's so cool to know that a piece is unique and you're the only owner of it!
I don't often wear earrings as well when I have a necklace but this one is more of a little detail than a statement one so I tried and combined this minimal and simple circle earrings from Zaful, my inevitable rings with a new addiction from SkyesPurpleCloud (the snake one). And since I've been loving white sneakers and quirky socks this winter say hello to the perfect combo of stan smiths and Sockfame


NECKLACE_Boulder Studio
SNAKE RING_SkyesPurpleCloud
JEANS_Vintage levi's

Friday, 14 October 2016

Halloween with Dresslily

Halloween is behind the corner! I can't wait! It actually is one of those things we don't really celebrate in Italy and is such a pity.. I would love a little be of halloween spirit here.. but yeah we might get dresses and go clubbing but is definitely far from a proper celebration.. anyway even if it's not in the Italian culture I've got the "halloween-is-coming kinda" trill and I'm gonna share with you something that's gonna make it even better.. A GIVEAWAY!
Would you like to win $100 of free clothing, accessories etc from Dresslily? Cause following some extremely simple rules you can have it!!
Just share this post to at least 2 social pages such as Twitter, Instagram, Lookbook etc.. and send your social links to before the 18th of October. 15 winners will be chosen randomly between the 19th and the 23rd of October..of course the more you share the more possibility you have to win! GOOD LUCK!


Thursday, 13 October 2016

Cheap dresses from Fashionmia

Cheaper are the dresses the more we can buy! Fashion is never having a rest.. and neither are trends, new collections and latest must haves..and of course to be always riding the perfect wave..we need to shop!
That's why I'm always hunting for new cheap dresses online.. visit here if you want to have an idea. Last time I told you about this website it was all about orange stuff.. (which is still my obsession by the way). Today I though to give you more of a general view about all the cool cheap dresses they have, showing you some random pics of clothes and outfit I particularly enjoyed surfing around on the website.. so click here to visit Fashionmia if you like any of these or you feel like you could find something more having a look yourself. Happy shopping.. and let me know what you find!

Saturday, 8 October 2016

homecoming dresses



A-Line Scoop Knee-Length White Tulle Appliques Homecoming Dress with Pleat

Hi everyone :) Today I've been asked by Dressthat to show you some dresses from their website that I found nice.Whenever I get asked to do something like this I genuinely spend hours online going through all the clothes.. with their magical allure and their "arabian nights" echo. There were so many   cheap homecoming dresses that it has honestly been hard to choose.. but in the end these are my fav three :)

Sweetheart Beading Hi-Lo Short Red Satin Homecoming Dress

Vintage A-Line V-neck Knee-Length Black Lace Homecoming Dress

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Going through fases is the most expensive thing.. one day it's a certain type of shoes, one day it's a colour, the day after something else..there are some things tho that with time..starting from a little addiction become part of yourself.. it gets to be a peculiarity of yours.. something that make people think about you.. in my case it's gotta be rings. I've been collecting them for so long.. I could not even imagine my hands without at least 7 rings, I don't take them off for showering or sleeping neither..I just feel like it's my "material power". Of course I'm always on the hunt of new ones and quality is just the most important thing.. I would not buy a ring (even if it's the most beautiful one) if it'll last a couple days and then fades. I recently got some beautiful beautiful rings from a cute little shops who sells so many unique pieces from all over the world, mostly handmade and little treasures from undiscovered worlds and tribes, if you wanna check it out the name is SkyesPurlpeCloud and since the theme of the day was tribal-ethnic silver I added one of my favourites little bits from Amour by Awen straight from Bali.. it just transmits me such a pure energy.. it screams summer and chill .. which is just my daydream during this rainy uni-season. Well.. the last pearl of this post is so bloody funny that any description would just be useless.. The protagonist of most of my snapchat (and my morning tea) is this mug which is waaaay  too cute.. It was just so hard to choose from Mug For Your Home cause I was literally laughing my head off for each mug.. in the end I just followed my instinct and got the one i could connect to on a spiritual level 

LEAF RING_SkyesPurlpeCloud
BAND RING_SkyesPurlpeCloud
SNAKE RING_SkyesPurlpeCloud
MUG_Mug For Your Home