Saturday, 26 March 2016

Pink leather

First days of spring and I'm ready! I've already told you about my love for coloured leather, glitters and fluff.. and here you can verify it all together! Can't wait to style these summerish cheerful earrings from Petite Utile with fresh and simple looks and I don't really care that my furry clutch from Retinal Delights doesn't really fit into the summer mood.. it does fit for me no matter what! So excited for the cool weather to finally be here! 

Leather jacket_Vintage
Sunglasses_Urban Outfitters
Clutch_Retinal Delights
Earrings_Petite Utile

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Black with a pop

It's all about the statement pieces. Don't get me wrong minimal, bohemian, romantic, sporty or whatever get their allure.. but nothing is for me like a plain black outfit with a statement piece. You will see in my next posts soooo much black ..and so many cool little gems.. and really.. The little black dress would simply be a basic dress like many others.. but add an easy pearl necklace..and puff! It is Coco..   I sure am no Coco ahah but I found my religion in the "black with a pop".
What a better example to describe my teory than a statement piece I couldn't get my hands off from since the very first moment. It's a necklace from Triangle Of Bears nd yeah.. I just couldn't love it more! You know.. one of those "one of a kind" pieces than not everybody would consider "their style" but that will ask anyway where you got it!

NECKLACE_Triangle Of Bears
SOCKS_Brandy Melville