Friday, 21 July 2017


 What's better than a endless trend? Call it tropical, call it summerish, call it natural but flower prints are everywhere..and they've been around for quite a while now and even if most of the trends just fade with time, when it becomes "too much" and where you can see it everywhere flower are quite the exception.  I've been looking around lately and I found some cute options on Yoins.
Maybe the reason why this trend is never ending is because of all the combinations you can create around it, it never bores you. The last addiction is pairing it with flamingos, and maybe some pop or super colourful  touches, speaking of "trend mixing" looking for fashion dresses for women online I found the cutest gingham skirt with flower embroidery and I just felt for it (is the one attached on top)  and imagining the perfect outfit I went hunting for various cute tops for women and I got some great ideas! Here's some of the dresses/skirts/tops I selected :) The thing I like the most about how they've been styling flower prints lately is how you would just not imagine it fitting for a certain kinda look.. yet it just gives it that fresh extra touch (see the gingham skirt to see what I'm speaking about ahaha) do you agree?