Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Christmas wishlist from Stylewe


For Christmas we're al looking for glitters, shine and statement pieces.. so here's my Christmas wishlist from StyleWe, and it's not really a wishlist of what I'd like to get for Christmas but more of a list of things I'd love to have (and wear) during the holiday season! 
I tried to pick garments that can be dressed up or down based on the occasion of use, keeping it all in the classic tones of Christmas..which are of course red,gold,silver and black. I though of these handbags as well cause they can actually go with each of this outfits.. 
I am strictly convinced that we all already have what we're looking for in our wardrobe but we do not see it.. cause sometimes pairing pieces differently, mix patterns, colours and shapes can transform completely the face of a piece..and of course if we concede ourselves more combinations the result will only be more (and different) outfits to wear! 
By the way what do you start from when you pick your clothes for the days? 
I know it's not the most common thing but I usually start from the coat I wanna wear.. at least now that is freezing cold.. or from the accessories.. I'm so into huge earrings and they quite make the outfit    with a toned down kinda look and when I really want to wear a certain lip colour or particular eyes I start from it and develop the outfit around that!
If you want some more ideas don't forget to check StyleWe's instagram and facebook

Friday, 16 December 2016

Mermaid blanket and handcrafted vegan makeup

As much as my vernal print on the wall can make you think different it is FREEZING in Milan and even with the heating on a warm blanket is always welcomed. I've been loving this one from DRESSLILY lately. It matches my room's colour scheme and it makes me feel a child again to be in a knitted marmaid tail. An other thing I've been liking A LOT lately is natural and bio makeup products. I feel we wear so much shit sometimes without even realizing it behing big names..and it's just so nice to find handcrafted, natural, vegan and safe products that work the same and you actually know what's in there. The first product I wanna talk you about is a lip stain (pictures below for each item). It's from SHAKESPEARE'S BATHTUB (like all the products I'm gonna introduce you today) and it's basically a very smooth muave coloured stain that you can build up to get the colour intensity you want. The scent of cherry orchard is not strong but it's there and a thing I liked is that the first layers is actually so light that it just gives your lips a tiny darker shade but you would most likely think it's just naked lips (which is the look I went for in the pictures) and adding layers the colour intensifies till a full muave. 
The second product I'm gonna talk you about is a luminizer.. that you can find HERE, I gotta be honest when I first saw it so compact I thought It would have been too tricky to spread and the strong smell was a bit of a put off as well but I ended up loving it! It was a pure revelation. The heat of the fingers soften the shea butter so it's not tricky to spread at all. The luminizer itself is blinding! I tried to show it in the pictures but it's never easy to get the right light..especially when you are home alone trying to take pictures of yourself ahah!
The third product I really liked is the M' LADY PLUMPING BALM which is a peppermit flavoured plumping lip balm (as the name suggests), it is highly moisturizing and it improves lip appearance and fullness over time thankes to the concentration of Volulip serum. If you are annoyed by that light pinch characteristic of pumping lip balms and lipstick you won't probably like this. but at least by it you know it's working!
The fourth and last thing is a LOTION. The smell of it is everything! It is milky and soft and it reminds me so much of something of my childhood I can't really remember but it warms me everytime! It is highly hydrating thanks to Canadian maple syrup and a rich selection of other ingredients such as coconut oil.. funny story.. the name of the lotion is But soft! And it actually comes from a line in Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet "But soft! What light through yonder window break?"
Hope you liked that items as much as I did it.. and if you are willing to try something yourself use the code GOWEST for 25% off ANY ORDER AMOUNT. The coupon never expires and can be used once per person.. and now that christmas is coming what better present than something original and can help grow a little independent brand?!
The pocket mirror I used for the pictures is a beautiful led mirror (yes the one that shows all of your spots, black head and imperfections) from SAMMYDRESS


Wednesday, 7 December 2016



Today's wishlist is all about bags! I don't think I've actually done a selection of bags I'd love to have on this blog before, and I actually am not really a bag person anyway. I mean.. I love a good bag and I actually stick to it till it's ripped and unusable anymore.. and since I'm right now in the situation of a much needed upgrade I've been in the haunt for a while. I could really use some fashion tips right.. especially on shapes, neutral colours and in general combination that can go with everything! I never really considered a backpack as a daily bag but I've selected a few cause I'd like to give it a try.. would you think? What's your ideal everyday-bag? By the way on this website there's a GREAT range of stuff.. and only bags.. you can find from the fanciest sweet 16 dresses to the most casual t-shirt.. give it a try! And if you're up for extra inspiration check their facebook as well :)

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Bubblegum pink



Pink is such a calming colour. Especially in this pastel (but bright) kinda shade. Weather you are looking for a cheap prom dress or just for a fancy dress for a party or a wedding. I do really think this is one of those colours with which you can't go wrong for any occasion.. It's not too flamboyant yet not anonymous, girly and classy and of course it depends on the details and the accessories you decide to pair it with based on the case of occasion. Most of them because of the shape and the materials are thought for a "more elegant event". But trow a pair of flat sandals on, wavy hair and a soft make up and you're perfect for a stylish night at the beach. Just add a pair of heels some bold lips and some statement jewels and you'll be the centre of attention at any kind of party. This is selection is from Dressfashion from which I decided to take some bits in one my favourite colours to wear but of course there's such a wider selection! Why don't you go and have a look? :)