Saturday, 8 July 2017

Red Passion

Red is always the safe choice. It's that one colour that suits every skin tone, personality and mood. And this is only possible thanks to all the small declinations it can have. Fire red is a bit "too bold" for many people or a bit too "summerish" for a winter night out.. but you can pick a burgundy or a warmer tone of red and still have it easy! I don't know if it's just me cause I love the colour so much or if it's more common than what I think but my eyes always catch red first. If there's a dress I like and you can choose among different colours be sure I'll purchase the red one.. or at least I'll try it on before the others. Of course, as hard it is for me to imagine that, if red is just not your colour go and have a look on If you can imagine it.. they have it! And yes.. one dress, many colours.. red addicted satisfaction is real but actually if you're going for a certain colour cause you need something to match your shoes or theme of a wedding you couldn't have landed in a better place :)  Speaking of weddings and summer celebrations, if it's a category you're interested in I would definitely suggest you to have a look in the section of homecoming dresses 2017, they really have a great choice for special occasions!
As I told you if I can choose nothing can overcome a nice little RED dress.. but sometimes we just need that extra "elegance" and maybe black cocktail dresses can dress the look up just that little bit more you needed.. and yeah.. I spent a quile on that section of the website as well!
I feel like the empowering feeling of a dress in which you feel good, yourself and beautiful is just something that can't be given but much else. If you feel beautiful, you feel powerful and if you feel powerful you find the strength to fight for yourself and to strive for perfection and these should be feelings of our daily life. Make your life beautiful by feeling it. Everything starts with the best choice of clothing :)