Wednesday, 20 September 2017

About tends: Millennial pink

It's just pink. But everyone is so obsessed with it right now that it even got the name of Millennial pink (so basically the colour of our generation). I gotta say in the lightest shades is just not a colour for anyone cause for the palest skin tones (like mine) it might look a bit flat but I've got still a bit of a tan going on right now so I've been looking for some new wardrobe addictions on Yoins and I did of course find what i was looking for. Even if it's getting chillier I still selected mostly summer clothes cause's a colour I see more suitable for summer.. plus I won't have my beautiful tan in the winter period at all. The fact that on the end of September it's Yoins Anniversary Sale just makes it even better.. both for the sales and for the wide range they're uploading to fulfill the celebrations!
So as I was saying my whole selection is based on summer picks with long dresses, off the shoulder tops and rompers but it's almost October now and of course you would be more interested in looking maybe for various sweaters for women, or coats and stuff but they've got so many items and different style you can shop, there's literally for anyone!

Plus, I'd just love to share with you a lovely video on  youtube about fashion, check it here


  1. So interesting post! Love your blog.
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  2. These are beautiful outfit. Pretty pink.

    Vivian |