Tuesday, 31 October 2017


Hi everyone! No, I'm not pregnant at all! But with all the news and the lovely ladies around the web waiting for a little one to arrive I could only feel inspired to write this post. From Louise Pentland, to Louise Roe to the very last news of Chiara Ferragni, every fashion girl who's growing up seems to be going trough their first pregnancy. And with all this internet attention for young mums to be there's allways more apps and website where you can keep track of every little sign your body sends you.. without ever feeling unprepared!
Here you can find one of the most interesting and valuable website on the topic I could find, it really is full of interesting things to learn (wether your pregnant or just curious), tips on how to make your life easier when you'll need to take care of a little child and of course all kinds of news on the baby-world: from the best baby laundry detergent to the physical and emotional care of both moms and growing fetus during the whole process, to tricks for pregnant women.
I really thinks that pregnancies are one of those topics that as much as you speak about it, as much as you can get taught about it and all that, when it's you in the first place everything seems different, harder and so unexpected. And even if people told you they felt the same before there's maybe some doubts or questions who are just so for yourself and that you need to sort out on your own, living it through your skin, that's when the utility of this kind of websites and services really come handy, when there's just something you'd like to know more about, just to have your thought clearer!


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