Saturday, 2 December 2017

Party season

Yay! Party season, as today is the 2nd of December has officially started!
We all know that this period is just a major excuse to be allowed on loads of glitter and shiny pieces.
Of course what I spend most of my time doing around these early December days is going through fashion clothing online, both to be sure I've got the absolute perfect wishlist ready for Christmas, and to do some online shopping myself in advance for all the fancy parties this season brings.. and of course for the sake of it itself, i's not like we really need a reason to shop online! haha
Anyway, looking around I found soo many cheap prom dresses that could so easily be worn just as a bit more "elegant" party dresses. There really is such a thin line between casual-elegant and too much and there's not really a right or wrong category to shop. You can easily find exactly what you were looking for in a category you didn't even think was worth a try. Believe me prom dresses 2018 might keep great secrets from you!
Whenever I look for a bit more built up looks I always see myself as trying to hard. And I don' really like when you can tell that you spent hours thinking about that look, adding all the accessories in the perfect colour scheme and all that jazz. No matter how elegant and classy the final effect needs to be, I just don't want it to look as if I spent hours doing my hair, nails or whatever. This actually toughens my research, cause yes, I do want to look bougie.. but still.
I'm attaching below some of the inspiration I got from newarrivaldress. It's mostly red and midi-long lenghts. A lot of bare shoulders and silky fabrics. I'm going for a full-on glam this Christmas and the fact that I don't want it to look fake just make it harder to find the perfect ones but it's not changing thins! Are you up for the full on glam kinda look as well or are you keeping it simple for this party season?

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