Wednesday, 22 March 2017


One more selection based on a colour! I've never actually done a white selection cause it's a colour that usually remind me of wedding dresses, especially if we're speaking about prom dresses that because of the shape and the lenght can be easily misunderstood even if in my selection I'm trying to include also some short prom dresses just to have more choice.. Of course there's nothing bad about wedding dresses but I guess there will be much more possibilities that we'll need dresses for weddings more than a dress for a special day.. By the way even if the selection is gonna be white.. which is most likely the worst colour for a wedding (since it's the bride only that needs to be in white)  and you're gonna be the bridesmaid you're looking for bridesmaid dresses remember that all of the clothes I will attach are available in many variations and just get the idea from the ones I'll post and make them yours! If I can suggest something if you're not into the white theme.. the red prom dresses are to die for! I actually had never really considered the idea of wearing full on white in any form.. a bit scared to look like an ice cream man you know? But it has been so in trend lately.. plus summer is in the air and after a grey and cold winter a fresh start is much needed and entering in the summer mood though clothes is the first way to brighten your mood.. so let's give white a try and see if it will really connect to my summer soul as much as I'd like it too!


  1. the dresses are gorgeous
    keep in touch

  2. These pic are just wow. I need them in my life! ^^ They are really cute! You will like to see more fashion from here.

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