Friday, 21 April 2017

The diamond hair straightener



Reading the title and watching the pictures you might think.. where's the straightening part?! Well.. did you know that if you have a professional hair straightener you can get way more than simple straight hair?
I always try new things on my hair cause I'm never fully satisfied by its simply blow-dried version..cause it's kind of a middle step between straight and wavy so I usually reach out for my hair flat iron (which is from irresistible me) and go the fast way with a super straight hair kinda look or a wavy one twisting the hair on the external side of the iron. When I feel inspired and mostly when I've got plenty of time I found out a new (and super cute) use for my flat iron. 
In this case I twisted small locks of hair around a pencil and I ironed it all. The curls came out elastic and healthy looking and it was fun and easy to do. Of course I like the curl like this but for example using a toothpick the curl will be even tighter and if you've got short hair the afro look is assured!
If you've got a flat iron like mine where you can regulate the temperature based on what you need it's even easier cause you can decide (based on how thick you hair is) how hot it needs to be for your curls to last till the next time you wash your hair :) In case you were wondering what's my hair straightener here's a picture and a link to it! 



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