Thursday, 9 March 2017

Alligator fever

A new trend or a big comeback? Call it like you want  but alligator is back! More colorful, more edgy and definitely more fun than the old classical "grandma's handbag".
Last winter's fashion weeks where overwhelmed by it, from Coach to Tom Ford and not only in womens alligator wallets and purses but also belts (that we saw on Hermes' catwalk) and shoes.
I particularly like this collection from because of its colours,so bright and powerful. Even if the sun is not up in the sky just yet days are getting longer and we're all ready to think about sunsets on the beach and dinners in fancy garden-restaurants and even if we don't feel bold enough for a full on pink or orange outfit, a little pitch is needed and expressing our joy for summer through a colorful alligator skin handbag is just the easiest and cheapest way to feel even better on a good day.
The saturation of this collection is what really made me fall for it.. it's just not colours, it's so intense and it really puts a smile on my face thinking about pairing it with some shorts and tanned legs.
An other thing is that there's so many sizes and shapes and they're all alligator skin and in every colour. It's actually so rare to find a product that is actually like you wanted it.. how many times did we think.. oh yeah I like this shape but with that size and those colours it would have just been perfect.. 
If you wanna understand better what I'm speaking about these are some pictures from Farbodbarsum's  last collection


  1. The turquoise bag is gorgeous!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  2. Fabulous bags:)
    Have a nice weekend!:)