Friday, 13 January 2017

Blue and Red

Here's my first chapter of my new "series of wishlist" based on colours! I will basically pick a couple colours from a certain website for each chapter and show you the clothes I would buy from the category :D
The website of the day is which is basically where you can find whatever you need for a celebration. From prom dresses to wedding dresses, to just elegant and sophisticated dresses for a special event. The thing I like the most is that for every model you will most likely find more than two colour variations which is great.. cause often we have a certain colour in mind for a garment and even if we like the model we have to adapt to some other shade cause they don't have it in "our colour". This is where I got the idea of doing a wishlist by colour as well.. since for each of them there were various options! 

some links from this blue category:

some links from this red category: