Sunday, 1 January 2017

The first wishlist of 2017


A new year, a new wishlist from StyleWe. This time is all about short dresses with a pinch of holiday spirit and wintery taste. For this 2017 I decided I wanna look for some specific quality pieces instead of a bunch of clothes of which I would get tired after a week. One thing I've been looking for quite a while is a silk kimono that I finally found on stylewe in many variations. I once bought a silk kimono for a pound at a flea market and I felt in love with the idea of "silk night and home wear" and I've been looking for new pieces since then. I found some cool new pieces I wanna add to my collection also on just fashion now, give it a go if you're planning for a full on wardrobe restyling. And just in case you were wandering the wide range of stuff from StyleWe is not only limited to clothes, shoes and accessories but also home wear and make up ..where you can find the best drugstore bb cream, check it!


  1. Great wishlist.

  2. that pink dress is so cute
    keep in touch

  3. I've been loving maroon this season so I love the maroon dresses in this list! I hope you have a great new year! :)
    x Kenzie //