Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Christmas wishlist from Stylewe


For Christmas we're al looking for glitters, shine and statement pieces.. so here's my Christmas wishlist from StyleWe, and it's not really a wishlist of what I'd like to get for Christmas but more of a list of things I'd love to have (and wear) during the holiday season! 
I tried to pick garments that can be dressed up or down based on the occasion of use, keeping it all in the classic tones of Christmas..which are of course red,gold,silver and black. I though of these handbags as well cause they can actually go with each of this outfits.. 
I am strictly convinced that we all already have what we're looking for in our wardrobe but we do not see it.. cause sometimes pairing pieces differently, mix patterns, colours and shapes can transform completely the face of a piece..and of course if we concede ourselves more combinations the result will only be more (and different) outfits to wear! 
By the way what do you start from when you pick your clothes for the days? 
I know it's not the most common thing but I usually start from the coat I wanna wear.. at least now that is freezing cold.. or from the accessories.. I'm so into huge earrings and they quite make the outfit    with a toned down kinda look and when I really want to wear a certain lip colour or particular eyes I start from it and develop the outfit around that!
If you want some more ideas don't forget to check StyleWe's instagram and facebook


  1. Great list,, first white dress is stunning xo

  2. Hope you get some items off your wish list.

  3. Nice post

    Love Vikee