Thursday, 17 May 2018

Non toxic nail polish

Summer season is coming and nothing's better than a nice mani,tanned skin and sipping a cocktail while sunbathing at the beach.
But did you know that most nail polish are toxic? I personally would have never thought about it while choosing which nail polish to pick.. I would honestly just choose the colour and hope for it not to be the most expensive available ahah.. but guess what.. there's actually a high possibility that our "favourite nail polish" is indeed toxic.
Let's say that in most cases it won't be much of a problem since the "toxic level" is still bearable for the use but still there are people who need to be extra careful because of certain health reason such as pregnancy etc and of course cause this kind of nail polish are everything but environment-friendly!  If you can find yourself concerned in any way  by the above reasons it'd be better for you to double check what you're buying.
The final result on your nails will be exactly the same as a classic nail paint, it will be just as longlasting etc. the main difference will just be in the ingredients used to make it.
Remember that big companies tend to choose "the cheapest option" which will most likely be the unhealthy one to attract as many customers as possible with competitive prices. Remember also to always read all of the ingredients or to just look for informations about the brand and their policy online if you don't know much about the properties of ingredients since you'll easily find everything you need to know before the purchase.
Whatever you'll choice will be remember to just have fun with it and if in winter you've  picked darker shades and went for the "boring option" summer is all about fun and extra touches so just go for it! Here's some of my favourite shades for this season, what's yours?


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