Friday, 11 November 2016



I know my last wishlist was about sunnies..but we can't pretend summer lasts forever.. so here's a selection of Fashion outwear and Trench coats I would definitely enjoy wearing now that it's getting chillier. I do never find the perfect coat.. length, colour, material.. I'm so fussy on coats and to find websites with so many cheap trench coats and women's outerwear is always a joy. I used to have a red coat that I loved..little red riding hood kinda vibe to let you get a visionary idea of it.. but when I moved out I left it to my sister and now I desperately want a new one. Outwear for women is always a delicate topic, cause when you wear a coat in winter it becomes your outfit.. since people won't really see what you're wearing underneath.. and of course we can't have as many coats as t-shirts to always wear a different one that's why we need to find the perfect one to always be stylish and confident. I do really like the green one from the first pic.. I think it's such an unusual colour and it would look cool with almost everything.. mm.. next purchase?


  1. Love the first one on the left! Jackets are always so much fun to get dressed in! :)
    x Kenzie //

  2. Love this! :)

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  3. Great selection.

  4. Love everything here :)

  5. This are great coat picks. The peach coat on the second photo is so romantic!

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