Friday, 13 May 2016

Selfmade clothes are the best


Hiya! Today I'm so proud of my outfit.. not only cause I sew this dress myself but because of how good I feel in it. I have to say it's quite bold because of the pattern and the bright colours.. so you are supposed to be in a good humor in the first to wear it anyway but I can assure that once on I would keep it for ever! 
I've been wondering why among all the dresses I've ever sewn this is the only one that gets me so..emotional ..and really I don't know. I wore it last week..and the coats and thights clearly describe the terrible weather of the last few weeks.. I haven't worn this dress in ages anyway but seen how much I love it still now after 4 years of having it.. I decided to look for the spare fabric I used to make it.. and guess what..I actually found it..and guess what again.. I've actually already used it. I was so excited that in a couple of days my new favourite peplum bustier was yeah.. just let's wait for this random-storm situation to pass out and I'll show you my new bit!