Wednesday, 10 May 2017


I don't really know how to feel about these glasses.. I guess I kinda like them but I feel them so strange on me.. I kinda styled them with the simplest outfit (with some great little details) cause I didn't want it all to become too much. My make up is full on red, from the eyeliner to the lipstick, and red fil rouge is kept in the earrings as well, which are a cute little gem from NAYQUACH that I've been wearing a lot lately. You know that kinda item which is cool, can go with anything and isn't a statement piece to the point you can't wear it on a daily basis? Yes.. that's how I would describe them. 
What is actually more statement in the little accessories is my beloved amy pin from ROSIE WONDERS. It's not for everyone.. I mean if you don't like Amy Winehouse or if you don't even know who she is it won't mean a lot for you but if you admire her as an artist as much as I do the love is real. I get so many questions on it from people who like her as a singer and it's actually a good starting point for a nice conversation I found out :)