Monday, 11 September 2017

Close up

Autumn is around the corner, my hair is still salty and my tan it's just starting to fade. The weather is getting colder and to be honest.. I like summer but I love clothes way too much to be satisfied by shorts and a tee.. I need layers, scarfs..and yeah.. too many people wear bright colours in summer anyway.  By the way today's post is all about little details. It's about that simple cold summer kinda look that needs a little spice to be "notable" without it getting to much. As soon as I got this jean jeacket a couple weeks ago I put on it my beautiful pin from SarahKIllustrations that had been sitting there for a while now. You know when you really like something but you don't want to waste it with something of which you're not completely sure? Right..  this is what happened with this pin.. no need to say that I bought the jacket with that pin in mind and yeah.. it just got 100 points in personality like this, don't you think? 
It's been a few months of me wearing a little gold chain non-stop. I sleep in it, shower in it, seaside and all that, I just really like how gold pops with a tan and it's such a subtle detail that I don't really touch it, whether I wear different necklaces on top of that or just go for a loud pair of earrings.  Today I wore it with a beautiful chunky necklace from TATERandNOONEY. I love how this necklace screams summer  because of the rope like material and the braid that remind me of boats and waves but yet its grey/greenish colour makes it perfect for this summer end look. 


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