Friday, 14 April 2017


Total black for the outfit and wisteria accessories. The weather is not at its best just yet but I'm full in the summer mood. From the watermelon phone cover, to the short sleeves and the careless of wearing more eccentric elements.. (yes the shoes might give you a clue).
I recently bought a new phone.. an iphone 7 plus.. that got stolen after two weeks.. I've been struggling for a while after that if it was worth the price to buy a new one or not.. in the end I did it and now I'm super super fussed about it and its protection, I just got this cover from Case Escape and its like the safest cover I've ever owned.. plus the pattern is so lovely and summerish and it goes perfectly with my last obsession of pink and wisteria.. reason why I haven't been able to use any bag but this from SammyDress for the last weeks. Pink is usually  paired with silver hardwear but I'm much more of a golden kinda type, unless we're speaking about rings.. which are the only jewellery or accessory in general I prefer in silver. Speaking of which do you remember when a while ago I showed you that stone ring which changed colour? Well I got an other one from the same brand which is everise. This one got a smaller stone but it's more particular in the shape with the silhoutte of a mermaid and the circular gem.
The last thing I feel like I need to mention in this post is the shoes.. I mean..they don't need much of a presentation ..the glitters speak for themselves. They're from Gamiss and they're super comfortable. When I first got them I imagined wearing them for  chilled nights out but I'm actually wearing them in the daylight as well.. Especially when I go out in the afternoon planning on not coming back home before the night.. love them!

PHONE CASE_Case Escape
STONE RING_everise


  1. Super cute bag and phone case!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  2. Your shoes are just AMAZING! Love it!;)

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