Saturday, 11 March 2017



It was 22 °C in Milan today which is HOT.. especially for the first days of March..and of course sunny days and nothing to do can only mean walks around the city and ice cream. I have to admit I felt particularly inspired this morning while choosing my accessories.. and I actually threw on all the new stuff I've been willing wear lately.
The long shirt is from Zara and I usually wear it with a necklace cause I feel that since the neckline is non-existent there's space for details. Today I actually decided to embellish it with one of the most beautiful pin I've honestly ever seen. The fact that make it so special is that it has been drawn by a lovely illustrator called Ohjessicajessica that gave life to this little character called Beatrice, whose a bookworm and a feels so special when there's a story behind something you're wearing!
An other little detail I'm super excited about is a new addiction to my ring collection .. you should be able to identify it straight away on my hand cause it's colour brakes through (especially in the pictures) well if you don't it's the one on my middle finger.. the reason why I said that colour is shining in the pictures and not all the time is cause it actually changes colours based on the mood.
It goes from grey/black to the warmest yellow melting among beautiful shades of blue, green and reddish pink. I actually got two of them from everise and my mum's got the other one and she's constantly checking the colour and comparing hers to mine and it's so funny to see her so amazed by the fact that it changes colour! Plus it's silver which is number one needing since rings for me are an extension of the body..I sleep and shower in them so they need to be long-lasting.
Even if the weather is super nice it still gets chilly in shady spots so I decided not to wear a jacket but to wear a beanie from tosave .It's actually such a bold and springy colour that is so nice to wear it now that the weather is so transitional, especially cause in winter I would have probably preferred some darker colours. Plus I've been recently looking for some human hair wave cause I wanna give it a twist.. any suggestion?
To close with the shoes let's just say that they are my absolute all time favorites from Gamiss and you will surely see more of them cause they're 100% my safe shoes.
Plus I've been recently looking for some human hair wave cause I wanna give it a twist.. any suggestion?




  1. I love this boots :)

  2. Lovely look,I like your pin! :)

  3. Beautiful :)

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