Wednesday, 9 November 2016

What I wore on Halloween

I know it's not a proper proper Halloween costume..especially for you American over there..who are used to big costumes and celebrations.. but we probably starting considering it a proper thing no more than 6/7 years ago.. give us time to get use to it! I actually didn't plan to get dressed up at all neither so I had nothing in mind.. but last minute my friends and I decided to go clubbing so I just did my makeup and based on that I created a character that I would define as a "common citizen of candyland" ahahah does it make sense to you? By the way these have been in my top three earrings for ages now (they're from Eat Da Rich in case you were wandering) and I paired them with my new pom pom hairband from momosagi, poured some stars and glitters on my cheek, bright lips and that was it. Nothing extreme nor hard to do but I kinda like the final result :) 



  1. You look fantastic:) I love your earrings:)

  2. You look pretty.

  3. I love this outfit omg looks like such a fun halloween :)
    x Kenzie //