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OMG I'm so excited about this! Yesstyle gave some bloggers the possibilty to try some products out from the Korean Beauty Box and test them for you and give you our honest reviews.. I will talk about each products and my opinion on them after a few days I've been using them and I just have to say in preview that I'm so surprised by the quality of the products I tested..I had never heard about  some of these brands and after this let me say I would definitely buy most of them again..but let's get going!

So..first thing the box was FULL. At the point that I spent like 5mins to rearrange everything in once I've had pulled them out. This is what I found in:
-Precious Mineral BB cream from ETUDE HOUSE in the colour "honey beige"
-Brightening I'M REAL lemon mask sheet from TONYMOLY
-Collagen Eye Patch from ETUDE HOUSE
-Lip sleeping mask from LANEIGE
-Fast 10's gel eye liner auto pencil from BEAUTY PEOPLE
-Lip & cheek cushion tint from MACQUEEN COSMETICS
-My lip tint pack in the shade "pure pink" from BERRISOM
-Color my brows from ETUDE HOUSE
-Tint cheek cushion from BERRISOM
-Black-head nose pack from TOSOWOONG

I LOVED everything from this BB cream.. it is probably my favourite item in the box. First of all the shade is just perfect for my complexion. It blends smoothly and doesn't have a strong scent. I hate when face products such as foundations, creams etc have a very strong fragrance.. I like when things such as lipsticks or glosses have a nice smell but when you have to apply something on your whole face you don't want to be overwhelmed by the strong smell throughout the day. An other thing I really liked is the SPF 30 protection. In most of the foundations I tried it was max 15 (if there was even) but I knew that in Asian countries people are much more concerned about the damages of the sunlight but I wasn't expecting such an high protection in a BB cream. Anyway when I read it my first thought was that to have such a high protection it had to be very thick..but yet I had to think twice about it cause the coverage and the effect on the skin is just like every other BB cream. Because of the SPF 30 I would recommend it in summer..when it's too hot to wear a full coverage foundation but yet we want to protect the skin 5/5 on this!

The second product I'm gonna mention is this eye liner auto pencil. I do really like to wear it in my waterline and smudge it to get that "trashy classy"kinda look. I wouldn't really suggest to wear it for a widged eye-liner cause it is extremely smooth and of course the applicator is like the one of a pencil so you could have problems in terms of precision. The pigmentation is great, mine is in a beautiful (and very basic) black with some shimmer in it. I have tried it also for a smokey eyes and it does really blend nicely. Overall opinion 4/5 

I've always had some problems to find products from my brows cause I actually have pretty thick brows and whenever I put something on them it just looks too much and so unnatural.. yet I've got some holes in them and so I usually just go over the area were some colour is required and avoid the rest, I had never tried the gel tho, only pencil. At this point I'm not sure if it's because it's a gel or because I had never picked the right colour before this one but I actually like it a lot. It jut gives a definition to the brows, it's not too dark nor too unnatural.. Would definitely recommend 5/5

This is so fun! I'm sure you've already heard about it but yes it's a peel off lipstick.. long story short  first you apply it and after a while, when it's dry you can peel it off and the lips underneath will be stained by the colour and it will keep the tint with the sensation of actually having nothing on your lips. The only thing I can say about it I didn't like much is the colour cause after applying it I was expecting the tint underneath to be darker but it came out in a very nudish pink colour..which was nice but not what I was expecting.. by the way if you're looking for just an extra pinch of colour to your lips this is the perfect shade 4/5

I had never seen a product with this texture that at the same time could be a lipstick and a blush. I had seen it in a stick or a cream but never like this. When I first saw the colour which seems to be this "light muave" I thought it could be slightly too dramatic as a blush but applied the colour looks so much brighter..which is of course good but yes..looking it from the bottle you might decide not to buy it as a blush while in real life is such a nice pop pink. 4/5

My first question was.. why would I wear it at night? Well.. I tried it and got an answer..it is just so thick..it sits on your lips and stay there. Your lips won't absorb it as a normal lip balm and this is sooo good. Believe me the morning after your lips will be SO kissable. It became part of my daily routine.. there are some products that just feel right.. like if your doing something good to take care about yourself.. this is exactly one of them. The thing I liked the most is the scent tho. I've just said how much I don't like the strong smell on foundations and creams but on my lips it's a whole different story..this smells like strawberry and sugar which is just such a nice scent to go to sleep to. 5/5

Here it is my second favourite product of this box.. With blushes I often struggle to avoid the smudge effect.. you look it in a light and it looks alright..once out in a different light you realize all the mistakes and you sees where it's too dark, where it doesn't blend with you skin, where you missed a spot.. I definitely resolved the problem with this one.. it's just so easy (and fun) to apply. It has a little cushion as applicator you just "tap" it on your cheeks with a little pressure and it leaves the lightest veil of pink blush YESS 5/5

I was scared of it as first.. a full black mask to peel off.. I mean.. it sound scary doesn't it? Well it sounds WAY worse than the actual thing.. I actually loved it.. just keep it on for 15/20 mins and the final result is sooo impressive! It does sticks all of your black heads to the  black surface and when you peel it off it is even fun to see all those white spots that were on your face..and quite disgusting as well to think that they were on your face and you did nothing about it before! 4/5

I heard so much about these masks that I was SO excited to finally try it. First of all it's a brightening mask so I would suggest it maybe as an "after-summer" to clear up all the leftovers of tan and death skin. My favorite scent from sweets, to dressing in a salad, from creams to face mask is lemon so when I saw it I just thought it was made for me..and it actually was..I left it on as much as I could just enjoying the fresh feeling and the nice smell and when I removed it my skin felt so smooth and moisturized..please try it and you will get what I'm talking about! 5/5

I have to admit I don't really have big problems with bags under my eyes.. So I gave it a try without many expectations.. and yes it impressed me.. after it my skin felt so much tighter. Even if I didn't have a tired-looking skin it gave me such an extra fresh look and feeling. I felt regenerated and I can only imagine if it did so much on me without really needing it what it can do to solve actual bags under your eyes!

If you wanna know here's where you can find all of the products YESSTYLE


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