Thursday, 6 October 2016

Going through fases is the most expensive thing.. one day it's a certain type of shoes, one day it's a colour, the day after something else..there are some things tho that with time..starting from a little addiction become part of yourself.. it gets to be a peculiarity of yours.. something that make people think about you.. in my case it's gotta be rings. I've been collecting them for so long.. I could not even imagine my hands without at least 7 rings, I don't take them off for showering or sleeping neither..I just feel like it's my "material power". Of course I'm always on the hunt of new ones and quality is just the most important thing.. I would not buy a ring (even if it's the most beautiful one) if it'll last a couple days and then fades. I recently got some beautiful beautiful rings from a cute little shops who sells so many unique pieces from all over the world, mostly handmade and little treasures from undiscovered worlds and tribes, if you wanna check it out the name is SkyesPurlpeCloud and since the theme of the day was tribal-ethnic silver I added one of my favourites little bits from Amour by Awen straight from Bali.. it just transmits me such a pure energy.. it screams summer and chill .. which is just my daydream during this rainy uni-season. Well.. the last pearl of this post is so bloody funny that any description would just be useless.. The protagonist of most of my snapchat (and my morning tea) is this mug which is waaaay  too cute.. It was just so hard to choose from Mug For Your Home cause I was literally laughing my head off for each mug.. in the end I just followed my instinct and got the one i could connect to on a spiritual level 

LEAF RING_SkyesPurlpeCloud
BAND RING_SkyesPurlpeCloud
SNAKE RING_SkyesPurlpeCloud
MUG_Mug For Your Home


  1. Love the palm tree bracelet so much! Perfect for summer! Sophie x

    1. Hello Sophie !
      Am glad you like my bracelet...just in case you can buy it here :

  2. You always have such lovely, unique rings!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  3. Cup of coffee adore, jewelery is a very nice fit :))

  4. That's a beautiful details!

  5. Beautiful mug :)

  6. Lovely photos! That ring is so gorgeous!
    x Kenzie //