Wednesday, 28 September 2016


I blooming love this bag. It has in one bag all the elements I would look for. Glitters, funny font, unusual shape and overall too cute. I actually think I'm getting addicted to skinnydiplondon. It's like a compulsory needing to get whatever it is that they design. I had the period I was so into Melissa shoes that I used to collect them for years..I probably got 12 pairs now..and I don't even like them so much anymore.. now I got the same obsession for skinnydiplondon with the only difference that in Italy it is so hard to find places where they sell it.. Even in Milan which is well known as the capital of fashion there's one shop in the whole city who sells it and the choice is so restricted..Since I'm not giving up on it as well I'm adding everyday more pieces in my shopping cart. Long story short if you put them in the cart they won't be delivered by your door for free.. I've been dreaming for paying in small fees online for ages..even for things not particularly expensive.. guess what I've just discovered there actually is a website that gives you the possibility to do so, it's called approvedcatalogues and I can't wait to give it a try :)