Friday, 20 May 2016


Hi everyone.. today I decided to do a slighty different post from my usual.. it happened to be my sister's birthday.. and I just thought to try this out.. so here's my (joking my mum's) version of the oreo cheescake. With the recipe and all that :) Just let me know if you like this kind of posts as well.. and most of all I kind of took pics for every bloody step just realizing now that it might be too you agree or do you think it is better to have it all documented?


-for the base-

150 gr of sugar
2 eggs
150 gr of flour
30 gr of cocoa 
80 gr of butter
60 gr of oreos

-for the cream-

250 gr of philadelphia
150 gr of sour cream
100 gr of icing sugar
150 gr of oreos (both for the cream and the decoration)


For the base start mixing eggs and sugar, once smooth add cocoa powder and melted butter, while mixing add flour in small amounts. Separate the vanilla cream from the biscuit of the oreos  and add the biscuit part to the mix.
Pour the dough in a 22 cm mold and let it cook for 22/25 mins, temperature and times depend on the oven.

While the base is cooking let's get the cream. Start mixing sour cream and sugar, once properly whipped add philadelphia and oreos, in an other bowl melt the vanilla cream from the oreos with hot milk and once smooth add it to the dough.
At the same time let 5 sheets of jelly melt into cold water, once got the "elastic appearance" add them to the mix, add some chopped oreos as well.

Once the base will be out of the oven and chilled pour the cream on top of it and let it cool in the fridge for a couple of hours. 
Decorate with oreos (chopped or whole as your liking) and  ENJOY !


  1. It looks so yummy :)

  2. Zjadłabym takie ciacho :) wygląda pysznie :)

  3. OMG YES everything about this is awesome - thanks for sharing!!

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  4. Oh wow! This looks amazing! I am surely going to make it myself!


  5. I like this kind of post and this cheesecake look yummy!

  6. Wow..this looks yummy. And easy recipe too :)

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  7. Sound and look Great

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  8. Yummmy! Wanna this right now! Have a great weekend dear!x

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  9. This is great :) I want to try it :) Yummy :)

  10. This looks absolutely amazing! YUM! Thanks for sharing.