Thursday, 19 September 2013


 Margherite e piedi scalzi per l'ultimo post estivo della stagione.. sole, caldo e lunghe giornate in piscina, mi mancherà l'estate..Ma come ogni cosa bella deve finire per farmi vivere nuove esperienze ed avventure .. e tra colori accesi, e accessori che adoro (la collana è del brand delezhen del quale prima o poi riuscirò ad avere altri pezzi perchè davvero non riesco a staccare gli occhi da queste meraviglie) e gli orecchini sono invece di
PeekABooCornerShop un altro brand che riesce sempre a sorprendermi con l'originalità e la minuziosità di tutti i suoi bijoux) mi rendo conto, solo adesso realmente, di quanto sia stata magica e ricca quest'estate e di come mi abbia caricato positivamente..pronte anche voi per l'autunno?

Daisies and barefoot for the last summer post of this season..sun, hot and long days by the pool, I'll miss this summer..But as every great thing it's now over to let me live a new adventure ..and between bright colours and accessories I love ( the necklace is from the brand delezhen which I adore, I'll be able to have more and more pieces from it cause I really can't taking my eyes off them! And the earrings are from  PeekABooCornerShop an other brand that always suprises me with its originality and accuracy of all of the bijoux) I've now realized how magical and full this summer was, it turned me in a whole new person and got me all the positivity I needed..are you all ready for autumn?



  1. Looks great! Very nice post ;)

    Love from Amsterdam!

  2. very cute dress

  3. Great print!!


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  5. You look so sweet with the dress!

    Kiss, Nati

  6. Great blog :)
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    Greetings :)
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  7. thank you for being so nice <3 your comment made my day :) but last months i let my blog slide so it is not worth to appreciate :c well, i like your blog too, and i will visit it from time to time, xoxo

  8. che bella, questo vestito ha una stampa meravigliosa....e gli orecchini sono troppo teneri!


  9. Such a lovely dress :) And those owl earrings are super adorable :)
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  10. Wonderful photos:)
    Great blog :)
    You look amazing :)
    So cute :)
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  11. I miss summer too!! Those owl earrings are seriously cute;) i have followed you on GFC, maybe follow me back if you want to? xx

  12. Such a beautiful dress and the owl earrings are adorable!

  13. I love your entire outfit! The necklace is gorgeous. x

  14. beautiful necklace!!!

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    ♥ Sophia

  15. thank you for the love laura on my blog. and i am now following you on gfc. :)

    Issie xox

  16. Hi!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Loving yours (and your trip to London...)! The dress is super pretty! I'm a fan of daisy prints. Also, we can totally support eachother by following both blogs, like you mentioned! I'll follow you on GFC and expect you on my blog later on :)

    Bian, Mortem Blonde

  17. You are the cutest Laura
    I see now that you are absolutely right...we do love the same things. ^__^
    The dress looks stunning on you and I so want that necklace you have no idea!

    Again I wanted to thank you so so so much for your incredibly sweet comment on my blog.
    You really made my day..well my week actually :-P

    Of course 100% I am following you!
    I hope to stay in touch and I can't wait to read more posts from you

    Love from Canada

  18. Like :)! U are so sweet :)!
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  19. Love the dress!!
    Looks so cute xx

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  21. nice necklace and nice dressing you are looking pretty in this dress.